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XIAOMI MI SMARTMI DNQ01ZM Elektrische Heizung für €72.99


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Warm Life,No Waiting!!! XIAOMI MI SMARTMI DNQ01ZM Elektrische Heizung Nur €72.99,Ship from China.

♦ Heat Evenly: The air generated by the SMARTMI electric heater circulates and distributes the heat evenly in the indoor space, avoiding the local part of the room being dry due to heat accumulation.

♦ Convection Principle: The SMARTMI electric heating adopts convection heating mode, and the bottom heats the air to rise along the vertical air passage, while pressing the cold air downward to form air convection, circulating and heating the indoor air to improve the heating efficiency.

♦ Double Gear Design: SMARTMI electric heaters are equipped with high and low two-speed heating mode, which can be switched freely under 1000W and 2000W heating power to meet different needs.

♦ No Noise: When SMARTMI electric heating is running, there is no noise generated by mechanical vibration. And use the air flow to naturally dissipate heat, no fan assistance is required.

♦ Small Size Design: Small size design, thickness only 200mm, height 445mm, can be placed in various places.

♦ Double Security: SMARTMI electric heating built-in thermostat automatically cuts off the power when it detects that the body temperature exceeds 85 °C to prevent fire. At the same time, the built-in roll protection switch will automatically shut down when it detects that the body is tilted more than 45 degrees.

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